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Museum of Illusions is the largest and fastest-growing chain of privately held museums in the world. The global success of our brand is not an illusion, it is backed by strong growth and dozens of passionate partners who have embraced this business.

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Success stories

Find out more about the inspiring success stories of our franchisees and gain valuable insights into their experiences with Museum of Illusions.

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    Subhi Garbieh

    The Owner of the Dallas and Austin MOI

    "Our first Museum opened in Dallas in 2019, and our relationship with the franchisor team has always been more than just a typical franchise partnership. It has been a true collaboration where we learned, grew, and achieved success together. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, we expanded our visitor base and decided to open another Museum in Austin. Now, we are planning to launch a new Museum in Houston in the second quarter of 2023."

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    Ingrid Jakab

    The Owner of the Budapest MOI

    "Right after my first contact with the MOI founders about opening a Museum of Illusions in Budapest, I was blown away by the professionalism of this young brand. How they treated prospective partners was very unusual for me, offering full transparency about the financial performance of other franchisees and sharing best practices. Today, we are one of the most exciting and most visited museums in the Hungarian capital for both citizens and visitors of Budapest."

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    Adrijana Corluka

    The Owner of the Stuttgart MOI

    "We opened the Museum of Illusions in Stuttgart back in August 2020, but had to close it immediately due to the COVID measures. Although we were only open in the second half of the following year, we achieved results that exceeded expectations. In the current year, we are expecting more than 20% growth. On top of that, in cooperation with the franchisor, we have decided to invest in an additional site in Germany. Overall, it is an incredible and exciting journey. I recommend it to anyone who wants to run their own business, have fun along the way, and achieve great returns."

Generate revenue from three streams

Our variety of revenue streams allows you to diversify your income and build a more resilient business as a franchisee with Museum of Illusions

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    Benefit from consistent ticket sales and foot traffic in our astonishing Museums

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    Create partnerships and profit from a unique event venue

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    Capitalize on merchandise and Museum shop sales


40+ locations and counting

The first Museum of Illusions opened in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015 and achieved overnight success. Soon after, Museum of Illusions started growing and became an instant attraction in every city where it opened its doors. Join in on the fun!

Eight Reasons to Invest in Museum of Illusions

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of the Museum of Illusions, the largest and fastest-growing chain of privately owned museums in the world. Experience firsthand the remarkable achievements of our brand and become part of our network of satisfied partners.

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    Low Risk

    Skip the stress of startup risks, and rely on a proven business system with a track record of over 7 years.

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    Museum of Illusions prides itself on being an Edutainment sector pioneer. We were among the first businesses to bring education and entertainment together, introducing a unique concept that transforms learning into a fun experience.

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    Brand Awareness

    Launching the business in your city is easy since market leadership and brand awareness have already been achieved.

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    Simple operations

    A Museum of Illusions unit can be easily managed with a small team.

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    Regardless of the global COVID-19 lockdowns, all our museums survived the pandemic and thrived upon reopening.

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    Top Attraction

    The typical Museum of Illusions unit attracts 100.000-300.000 visitors annually.

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    Self-sustainable and profitable

    The majority of revenue comes from ticket sales which are independent of global supply chain issues and have almost no COGS associated with them.

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    Expert support

    We set you up for success by providing comprehensive pre-opening and ongoing support.


Road to Success

Here is an overview of the next steps that will take you closer to a successful partnership with Museum of Illusions.

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    Fill out the franchise inquiry form below

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    Participate in an introductory call

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    Create a financial model with the support of our expert team

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    Sign the Franchise Agreement

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    Select and shortlist potential locations with the support of our expert team

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